"A Higher Grade Of Fashion"

Kottonmouf Clothing is a cannabis inspired street-wear brand with a mission to remove the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis. We pride ourselves in offering high quality products and exclusive designs for stoners around the world, that give you the ability to STAY TRUE to who you are.

Designer couple MrKottonmouf (Ty) and MsKottonmouf (Yaya) came together to create a street-wear brand that represents what they both love...weed!!! MrKottonmouf has always been into the streetwear culture and smoking good bud. He met MsKottonmouf in Houston TX back in 2012 and they linked up over a blunt or two and started dating. At that time, MrKottonmouf was in the process of trying to create a brand but in 2016 Ty and Yaya teamed up as Mr and Ms Kottonmouf and created the cannabis based streetwear brand Kottonmouf Clothing, to keep stoners fly. 

MsKottonmouf came up with the name "Kottonmouf Clothing". It came to her while she and MrKottonmouf were play fighting and he jokingly said to her "Get yo ol' cottonmouth ass outta here". She instantly stopped playing and said THATS IT! We should name the brand Kottonmouf Clothing. MrKottonmouf agreed and began to instantly brainstorm an idea for a logo. He began googling images of lips to draw and that was when MsKottonmouf said no lets use my lips. So she put on red MAC Lip Stick and kissed a sheet of white typing paper. MrKottonmouf traced her lips drew a weed plant in the middle and wrote KOTTON on the top lip and MOUF on the bottom lip. They spelled it Mouf because they are both from the South and that is southern slang.

The dream of Kottonmouf Clothing was created in a one bedroom Apt. in Houston. TX. With a name, a logo, a vision, and a dream they took a leap of faith and decided to move to Southern California in 2017 to pursue their dreams. They began to hustle out of their trunk all throughout southern California. They hustled at underground marijuana "seshes". They grinded at multiple big marijuana events such as Hightimes Cannabis Cup, Seattle Hempfest, Tommy Chongs Blazers Cup,  and many more. They began to make a name for themselves and grew their following organically in the streets.

MrKottonmouf and MsKottonmouf think of all the different designs and MrKottonmouf draws them. The designs are inspired by their love for marijuana and their goal is to change the negative stigma against cannabis while keeping stoners fly.